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Made-to-order masterpieces from Denmark using the highest quality materials and technology creating the lightest, most comfortable frames in the world.
• Lindberg is made to order and originates from Denmark. Created in the mid-eighties Lindberg has been honored with 53 design awards.
• Lindberg eyewear is made in titanium, acetate, gold, platinum and diamond.
• Lindberg’s moto is “Make A Statement”. They let you decide what type of material, design and details the eyewear comes in.
• Lindberg has done away with everything that is not essential. Lindberg eyewear has no screws, rivets or welds. Making the frames incredibly strong and flexible yet among the lightest and most comfortable in the world.
Behold the beauty of hand-made French and Italian architectural design brought to life with exclusive and vibrant colors combinations.
• Hand made in France & Italy.
• Face a` Face frames are designed to resemble subtle pieces of architecture
• Many of their color combinations are trademarked
Naturally impressive Austrian-designed environmentally sustainable frames handcrafted from real lightweight wood or wood and stone.
• Rolf is family owned and made in Austria.
• Rolf is a handmade eyewear produced completely without any metal parts or screws. Very easy to care for with its special surface treatment.
• Rolf is environmentally sustainable, certified green and made to order.
• Rolf eyewear is produced with lightweight wood, stone and wood combinations. And horn eyeglass frames.
The expression of smart design and the understated elegance of the 50s movie golden era made from titanium, 18k gold, white gold and Japanese Zyl acetates.
• DITA eyewear are an expression of beautiful, smart design and understated elegance.
• DITA eyewear is modeled after the 50’s movie golden area.
• All DITA frames are hand made in Japan and use only the highest quality materials: titanium, 18k gold, white gold and the finest Japanese Zyl acetates.
• Zyl acetate frames are slowly tumbled in genuine hand-cut bamboo chips of varying shapes and sizes. The traditional bamboo polishing process results in a richer, deeper and higher quality finish.
From the visionaries of Oliver Peoples, this line is dedicated to pure luxury and fashion made from premier Japanese Zyl acetates and titanium.
• Bill Barton and Patty Perreira were president and vice president at Oliver Peoples before making their own high-end line of eyewear.
• Barton Perreira is dedicated to pure luxury.
• Barton Perreira eyewear comes in Zyl and Titanium.
• Barton Perreira is hand made in Japan with Japanese acetate.
Each frame is fashioned from one solid piece of Indian water buffalo horn combined with a patented FLEXLOCK hinge made from compressed wood.
• Monoceros is hand made in Austria.
• Monoceros eyewear is made from one solid piece of Indian water buffalo horn.
• Monoceros does not have any metal screws. They have a patented FLEXLOCK hinge. Densely compressed wood and natural rubber makes the hinge able to rotate freely.
The philosophy “DO YOU” is the spirit and soul of this New Orleans inspired and made eyewear purposefully designed to embrace individuality.
• KREWE’s philosophy is “DO YOU”. Using the spirit and soul of New Orleans as a source of inspiration, their frames are purposefully designed to embrace individuality.
• KREWE is made in New Orleans.
• KREWE’s name comes from the world-famous New Orleans Mardi Gras.