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Medical Contact Lens Fitting

Offering patients suffering from Keratoconus, post-surgical and irregular corneal conditions a comfortable solution while restoring visual acuity is another way we strive to provide innovative products and services for our customers. KeraSoft is a patented and ground breaking answer for those suffering from these visual challenges.

Custom Contact Lenses

We always focus on the overall health and comfort of our patients and therefor prescribe bifocal and trifocal GP (gas permeable) contact lenses. These types of lenses offer better eye health because they do not contain water, do not dehydrate, will last longer, are easier to handle and provide crisper, clearer vision.

Routine Vision Examination

This examination is for healthy eyes, it includes a refractive check to determine a prescription for glasses and contacts along with checking the overall health of the eye.

Medical Eye Examinations

This type of examination is used in examining an eye due to loss of vision, to determine if system diseases such as diabetes are impacting the eye or to determine causes of other serious symptoms such as double vision.   Often times special testing and examination protocols are used to determine the problem.  Ultrasound, MRI, CT, visual field testing, and laser scanning are all tools used in diagnosing medical eye conditions.

Dry Eye and Meibomian Gland Disease

Dry eye affects people of all ages, races, and genders. It causes symptoms such as a burning or gritty sensation, itchy eyes, fatigued eyes, light sensitivity, excessive tearing, red eyes, and vision fluctuations. We use the latest technologies such as imaging the Meibomian glands (oil producing glands) and the tear film, to diagnose and design customized dry eye treatments for our patients. We offer Lipiflow, a drug free in-office therapy, to our patients to treat Meibomian Gland Disease, the number one cause of dry eye.

Digital Vision Syndrome (DVS) and Blue Light

The harshness of our modern digital lives can take its toll on our eyes and their health. DVS or Computer Vision Syndrome can be reduced by using innovative lens solutions designed to treat patients suffering from long hours of staring at glowing computer screens.

Digital Eye Exams

Proper diagnosis and accurate prescriptions start with a precision refractive analysis of your eyes. We use the latest generation of digital refraction technology to attain quicker and more accurate refractions, improving results and a providing a better experience.

Ultra-Widefield Retinal Imaging

The retina is the only place on the body that blood vessels can be seen directly, and getting the best and biggest image is important to see small changes in the eyes. Our ultra-widefield retinal imaging gives us a view of almost 4-times the area of the interior of the eye compared to traditional scans. Retinal imaging enables our doctors to diagnose and monitor the progression of ocular diseases including glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration.

Contact Lens Fitting

We always focus on the overall health and comfort of our patients and therefore we use corneal topography to map out the exact curvature of your eye. This allows us to prescribe soft contact lenses and GP (gas permeable) contact lenses that fit your lifestyle while giving you the best vision possible. Some of our patients suffer from Keratoconus, post-surgical, and irregular corneal conditions, thus we provide a comfortable solution while restoring visual acuity with custom specialty contact lenses.

Lasik Consultation

Patients considering corrective laser eye surgery can receive a preoperative exam and evaluation to determine candidacy for laser eye surgery and the best procedure. The consultation will provide recommendations based on eye health, general health, personal goals, expectations and lifestyle.

Cataract Consultation

We provide cataract surgery evaluations and consultations to help patients determine the best surgical solution based on your lifestyle and desired results. The new intraocular lens (IOL) implants available today can correct nearsightedness, astigmatism, and farsightedness.

Glaucoma Testing and Treatment

Glaucoma causes damage to the optic nerve due to an increase in pressure inside the eye, which results in gradual vision loss until blindness. Often, patients with glaucoma have no symptoms, which is why glaucoma is called “the sneak thief of sight”. When detected in the early stages, glaucoma can often be controlled, preventing severe vision loss. We provide diagnostic testing for patients who have signs of glaucoma found on a comprehensive eye exam or those who have a family history of glaucoma.

Myopia Control

Near-sightedness, called myopia, is when objects are clear up close, but blurry in the distance and causes an abnormal lengthening of the eye. This lengthening process progresses throughout the growth of the child and usually stabilizes after teenage years. This causes the eye to stretch and change beyond what is natural for the eye’s anatomy. These changes have been shown repeatedly in studies to significantly increase the risk of blinding eye conditions. Long-term Risks of Children with High Myopia 5x the risk of early cataracts 14x the risk of glaucoma 22x the risk of retinal detachments 41x the risk of maculopathy Orthokeratology is an FDA approved contact lens that helps slow the abnormal growth of the eye through a process called myopia control. Over the last 10 years, orthokeratology has been shown in scientific studies to decrease myopia progression by 40-50%. The orthokeratology contact lens is worn only while sleeping at night and is specifically approved for safe overnight wear. While the lens is worn at night, it gently reshapes the cornea to help directed light towards the retina so the child can see clearly without glasses or contact lenses throughout the day. The manipulation of light through the new corneal shape also decreases the stimulus of the eye to abnormally grow. These corneal changes are completely reversible, should the treatment be discontinued.

Customer-Focused Services

Glasses Case

Courier Services

Sometimes life can throw us curve balls, so for express jobs when you need your glasses or lenses quicker, we use a reliable courier service to expedite orders.


Office Delivery and Product Viewing

When those hectic schedules keep you from breaking free to visit our store we offer product delivery and try-on at your place of business for your convenience.

Glasses Cleaner

Automatic Eye Glass Washing Station

We’re proud to be the first in the Dallas Fort Worth area to offer complimentary eyeglass cleaning with our automatic Optic Wash Express service for visitors to our store.

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The staff at CLEAR was very friendly, inviting, and warm. I was greeted with a wide option of beverage choices and the check-in was quick and done with a lot of care and attention while I enjoyed my drink. The appointment was on time, and moved at a pace that didn’t make me feel rushed.

I found this place nearby and I love it! Dr. Moore and his associates are great! Everyone is very friendly and accommodating. I was impressed with the overall upscale feel of the place while also having the newest technology for eye care. I’ve definitely found my new eye doctor.

Best doctor visit I have had in my life! Will definitely come back again. Everyone was so nice and explained every part to me.

I recently brought my young daughter to this office for a second opinion. Dr. Moore was great. He took the time to run more tests than the original doctor we saw so that my daughter's prescription was just right for her eyes.

The team at Clear were exceptional!!! I'm pretty sure I tried on every pair of glasses in the facility. They were patient and helpful till I found the perfect pair of glasses, and I did! Thanks guys!!

Extremely nicely optometrist. Really clean and eclectic interior with great selection of glasses. Staff was extremely polite and communicative and tried very hard to find all insurance options. Offered drink upon entering.

Love Dr. Moore and all the staff here. So helpful, never feel rushed and always such a pleasant experience when we come. Best optometrist we’ve ever had!

Great experience getting my eye exam. They were super fast and super friendly. You even get a complementary drink when you arrive! Would definitely recommend coming and here and I will be back for my yearly check up.

Everyone was absolutely wonderful!!!! I couldn’t be any happier! I hadn’t been to the eye doctor in 4-5 years and thank goodness I did and went to Clear. Highly recommend! The care, knowledge, hospitality and just the personal one on one with each person was up to par! If I could give 100 stars I would.

Dr. Moore and his staff are extremely professional and the selection of eye-wear is top notch! Highly recommend this place!!

I appreciate Dr. Moore and the staff’s kindness and attentiveness! They do not seemed rushed, and are happy to answer questions and give a great customer experience. I had some concerns with eye strain and finances, but both were resolved better than expected. Kudos to the team. If you go, ask Dr. Moore what books he’s reading!

Great! Doctor and Staff were so helpful, and my whole experience was awesome. I've never been to the eye doctor before and they made it a great first time experience. Go see them!

Best selection of frames for glasses and sunglasses I have ever seen! Awesome service from the exam to the selecting of my glasses. Great job Dr. Moore and staff!